Print Design Services

Axel Designs offers a wide range of talents to aid you with your print design needs. Below we list just a few of the things we offer. With more than fifteen years of page layout and design experience, we skill-fully create designs for a variety of output options. We will create a consistent, cohesive and polished company portfolio for you.

Print Design Services

Your need... What we do
Advertisements Magazines, newspapers, business directories, postcards – If your business markets a product or service, we can help you create ad materials that effectively communicate your message in a stylish format.

Brochures / Catalogs

Your product or service deserves effective sales materials. We can help you design brochures that will set you aside from the others.

Business Cards

Your business card can do more than identify you and your company. Your business card could be an effective marketing tool for your company.

Business Identity

(logo, color palette, stationery, templates): Just getting started? Looking for a new look and feel? How your company is presented on paper communicates volumes to customers and potential customers.
Logos (illustrations and word marks): Does your branding represent you? Your logo is your company's "face", the first element people will notice; it represents your vision and mission.

Media Kits

Are your marketing and promotional materials thrown together into an envelope or binder? Are they organized and coordinated? Let us design stylish documentation and corresponding folders for your company.
Newsletters We can design a publication that’s distinctly you, while enhancing the value of your content.
Presentations (PowerPoint & Acrobat): Your presentations should support you while you communicating with your audience. We can design presentation templates that carry your branding forward without taking away from your message.
Invitations Weddings, graduations, corporate meetings; let your invitations say more than "You're invited".
Image Editing
Image editing, restoration, and/or manipulation.

Our Team

Leon Byrd

Cherita Axel

CEO / Head Designer

A writer and computer design professional, Cherita has over 15 years experience designing for web and print.
Vid Axel

Vid Axel

Communications / Wordsmith

An experienced computer professional, Vid is a skilled writer with a passion for communications.
Leon Byrd

Leon Byrd III

Junior Designer

A graphic design student, tutor and avid gamer, Leon has more than 5 years experience working on web sites.